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Ramayana Diwali Gold Gift Box


Product Description

Perfect Educational Diwali Gift Box for kids to share:

- Hardcover copy Ramayana by Pixar artist Sanjay Patel. Teach your children the story of Diwali with these 186 pages of breathtaking illustrations of a classic tale. - $30 retail
- 3 of our favorite Craft Kits, products vary - $10 retail
- Scissors, paint and Mod Podge - $5 retail
- 3 collectible charms with ring - $10 retail
- 20 Sanskriti Flash Cards - $10 retail
- 1 Bonus Sweet Treat from India

- $65 Retail for $49.95

Sanskriti Gift Boxes come packaged in a beautiful mehndi inspired box, exquisitely wrapped, and you can include a gift message for the finishing touch!
Boxes are in stock, ship in 1-5 business days via USPS Priority Mail. Order today while quantities last!

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